The cultural project "Isolario" is a series of actions designed for the small islands of Cyclades.

The general idea is to establish a network of collaboration among the small islands of Cyclades, to protect their cultural diversity, to negotiate alternative ways of development. According to this project the pursuing of publicity should be accomplished through their very social and natural features, instead of a homogenized tourist campaign directed by the central authorities.

The pilot of this project is the "Folegandros Festivities" Summer festival, organized each year since 2003.

Until today, besides Folegandros, the islands of Sikinos, Donousa, Amorgos and Kimolos are part of this project too.

The "Isolario" is a collaboration of the insular communities and the Media dell' Arte Creative Team.

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download: Isolario Project in pdf (updated for the year 2010)