H Media dell' Arte

Media dell' Arte is a group of artists and academics that have formed a non-profitable organization. The team consists of musicians, visual artists, photographers, historians, ethnologists, museographers, archaeologists, etc.

The activity of the group includes research, exhibitions, festivals, conventions, seminars and publications.

There is no permanent financing of any of the team’s projects, therefore funding is always a recurring issue, year after year. “There is no romance without finance,” they say, yet there is still plenty of it left in the group.


The work of the Media dell’ Arte Creative Team


1. Historical archives: research, digitalization, database implementation of Municipal Archives (Folegandros, Sikinos, Donoussa, Anafi)

2: Archive of Photography for the Small Cyclades islands: collection of old photographic material, digitalization, database implementation (Folegandros, Sikinos, Donoussa, Amorgos, Kimolos, Anafi)

3. Oral History Archive: database of recorded interviews and personal accounts of the inhabitants (Folegandros, Sikinos, Donoussa, Amorgos, Kimolos, Anafi)

4. Aegean Bibliography Database: a thorough collection of books titles on the history, culture and life of the Aegean. Until today this is the one and only reference work about the Aegean bibliography in Greece (2003-2005)

5. Local music: recording of local music and musicians in Folegandros (2004) and Sikinos (2008).


1. Photo Exhibition (L. Miaoulis - K. Dovinou, 2003)

2. Photo Exhibition (Despina Spyrou, 2004)

3. “Archipelago”: books and archives from all over the Aegean (2004)

4. “Stories in History: the Municipal Archives of Folegandros, 1825-1970” (2005)

5. Anavra Folklore Museum: museographic Study and Application (2006)

6 “In the Shadow of Karagiozis”, an exhibition of the Greek traditional shadow theatre (2006, 2008)

7 “The Longest Voyage”, astronomy exhibition (2007)

8 “Microhistory: Sikinos in the 19 and 20 centuries” ethnographic exhibition (2007)

9 Archaeological Exhibition: “A- Geometric Donoussa: Vathi Limenari, fortressed settlement of the 9th century B.C. and B- Chronicle of an excavation, 1968-1972: breakthroughs and restorations”

10. Retrace II, art exhibition in Kimolos (2008)

Festivals and Conventions:

1. Islands Festivities: Folegandros (2003-2009), Sikinos (2007-2010), Donoussa (2007, 2009), Amorgos (2008), Anafi (2009, 2010), Milos (2010)

2. Manos Hadjidakis Festival (Xanthi 2005)

3. “Days of Grandpas and Grandmas”, documentary festival (Thessaloniki, 2006)

4. “Documentary Days” film festival (2006-2010)

5. “Easter in the Aegean” - performances and concerts in hospitals and nursing homes of the Aegean

6. “Multum in Parvo” archaeological convention in Sikinos (2009)


1. “Folegandros is cooking” (2004, 2nd edition 2006, Greek - English)

2. “Archipelago”, exhibition catalogue (2004, Greek - English)

3. “Stories in History: Folegandros, the minimum scale” (2005, Greek)

4. “Dear Compatriots and Noble Strangers”, 19th-20th century. Folegandros through its Municipal Archive (2006, Greek - English)

5. “Sikinos is Cooking” (2007, Greek)

6. “Donoussa is Cooking” (2007, Greek)

7. “Amorgos is Cooking” (2008, Greek)

8. “Local Musicians of Sikinos”, music CD (2009)

Donations and Equipment:

Self-reliance of the small islands in producing and carrying out their own cultural projects is a concern of our team. Within the framework of the “Isolario project” Media dell’ Arte and the local authorities cooperate in equipping the islands.

1. Donation of a grand Yamaha piano (Folegandros, 2003)

2. Free-access wireless Internet through HERMES program - courtesy: D. Simopoulos, manager of the Athens Planetarium (Sikinos 2007)

3. Projectors and relevant equipment for cinema projections (Municipality of Sikinos - 2007, Municipality of Folegandros - 2008)

4. Seats for the Amorgos Cinema Club (2008)

5. Donation of a grand Yamaha piano - courtesy of Spyros Nakas Music House (Amorgos, 2008)

6. Full sound studio system (coverage of concerts etc), property of Sikinos Municipality (2009)

7. Yamaha upright piano, property of Sikinos Municipality (2009)

European Union

1. Participation to the 1st European Convention “INSULAE”, Elba - Italy: First European presentation of the Isolario Project (2008)

2. Living Library - Grundtvig - Books 21. Greek partner to the European program (2009-2011)