Sikinos, July 3-12



organized by: Sikinos Municipality - Media dell' Arte

Dear friends,
This is the first time a European Meeting is hosted by such a small island like Sikinos. The GRAND TREASURES - Grundtvig is a project about Oral History, where six partner organizations meet once in every country. After Poland and Portugal it's Media dell' Arte's turn to host the partner organizations of the program which are:

    • Greece (Media dell’ Arte - ISOLARIO project)
    • Poland (UNESCO initiative Center)
    • Galicia - Spain (Xandobela)
    • Portugal (Ponte nas Ondas)
    • Latvia (UNESCO National Commission)
    • Estonia (Kultuur Aitab Hingata)

SIKINOS, 3-12 July

Tue. 3/7 - Sa. 7/7
European Meeting GRAND TREASURES - Grundtvig, 2011-2013
After having met in Poland and Portugal, the third partnership meeting takes place in Sikinos - Greece. Media dell' Arte participates in this two-year-project (2011-2013) sharing the Greek team's know-how and methodology with the rest of the partners (Poland - UNESCO Initiative Center, Portugal - Ponte nas Ondas, Galicia/Spain - XANDOBELA, Estonia - Kultuur Aitab Hingata, Latvia - UNESCO National Commission) in collecting, archiving and disseminating oral archives and general Oral History issues.
Two lectures will be hosted within the framework of this meeting by Tasoula Vervenioti, historian (5/7) and Eleanna Vlachou, historian - museographer (6/7).
The lectures will be in English and open to the public.

Thu. 5/7, Sat. 7/7, Mon. 9/7
Documentary Days

Fri. 6/7
Opening day of the exhibition
"GRAND TREASURES: human stories in Human History
During the GRAND TREASURES project the six partners collect interviews, stories, photos. A part of this collection will be exhibited in this exhibition. Until the end of 2013 the material will be exhibited to all six countries participating in the program.

Sun. 8/7
Sikinos is cooking
An evening celebrating the local products and the cuisine of Sikinos. Cooking contest and happenings focused on grandmas and grandchildren of the island.

Tue. 10/7
The STRING THEORY duet presents the:
CHEAP - low quality, high fun project
Stavroula Pavlikou, voice - Maria Ploumi, lute - Giorgos Paterakis, piano

Wed. 11/7
Sky Observation at Night
Short lecture and sky watching.


Sun. 1/7 - Sat. 15/9
Photo Exhibition at the Chrysopigi Monastery
Photographers from Sikinos participate, exhibiting their work: Sikinos of the past and Sikinos nowadays.

Tue. 7/8 - Mon. 13/8
The world through children's photography
Tue. 7/8 Photograph workshop and photo competition for children up to 12 yrs.
Wed. 8/8 Children shoot the photographs
Thu. 9/8 The panel collects the photos
Mon. 13/8 Projection of the photos at the Alopronia port. A little feast for children follows with music and many surprises..

Sun. 12/8
Music and party at the Alopronia port
The musicians of Sikinos in a night full of surprises.

Wed. 15/8
Photo projections and the traditional local feast
Photographic projects by Th. Skampavirias, Anda Makri and Sp. Habipis will be presented at the main square, just before the local "Dekapentavgoustos" traditional feast.