Folegandros Festivities 2006

July - August
Organized by: Municipality of Folegandros, Media dell' Arte
    Exhibition of the Greek Shadow Theatre character of Karagioz
    At the Primary School building in Chora, Pounta Square
    Opening: Monday 10 July, 20:30

    Stage scenery, tools, figures, music and repertoire of Karagioz, the popular character of the Greek Shadow Theatre. How he was influenced by history, current affairs and literature and how he influenced back the Greek theatrical and film production as well as popular literature. His whole world is presented through rich and colourful audiovisual material, a great part of which is exhibited for the first time.

    Museography by Eleanna Vlachou
    Edited by Athos Danellis
    Produced by Media dell' Arte Creative Team
    The exhibition will remain open until the 20th of August.

    Greek Documentary Films
    Wednesday 12 - Wednesday 19 July

    Organised by Media dell' Arte, Thessaloniki Film Festival and Diadrasi.

    At the Primary School building in Chora, Pounta Square

  • Martha Frintzila and Walter Testa
    Concert at the medieval settlement of Castro
    Sunday, 16 July, at 22:00

    A musical performance with traditional and "rembetika" Greek songs, music from the Mediterranean, the Balkans and Minor Asia as well as songs by European and American composers of the 20 th century.

  • Traditional Greek Music Evening
    Monday, 17 July at 22:00 - At Pounta Square, Chora
    Δευτέρα 17 Ιουλίου

    An evening with popular music from all over Greece. Six young traditional musicians play Greek folk songs and dances from Thrace, Ipiros, Macedonia, the Dodecanese and the Cyclades.

  • Music at the school yard
    Wednesday, 19 July at 21:00 - Primary School building at Chora, Punta Square
    Classical guitar recital by Dimitris Kourzakis and Antonis Botsis

  • Jazz music by the sea
    Thursday, 20 July at 20:00 - At the port of Karavostassis

    Ένα απόγευμα δίπλα στη θάλασσα του Καραβοστάση με τη μουσική των Interplay trio.
    Interplay trio: from Bill Ebans to Portishead The band uses swing, bop, bebop, latin and contemporary jazz music as a starting point and go on to explore new trends in -mainly European- music. The main characteristic of Interplay trio music is the alternation between rhythm and improvisation.

  • Percussion Workshop. Misirli Ahmet - Ravy Magnifique
    13-15 & 21-23 July, in Chora

    Two workshops by two great percussionists: Turkish Misirli Ahmet and French-Indian Ravy Magnifique teach traditional percussion from the East, Africa and Latin America.

    1st round: Misirli Ahmet - Thursday 13 - Saturday 15 July
    2nd round: Ravy Magnifique - Friday 21 - Sunday 23 July

  • The FunKey Show Live
    Saturday 21 July, 0n Angali beach at 21:30

    The Funkey started playing adaptations of rock and mainstream songs at clubs and cafes in 2002 and since then they have kept adding new songs to their repertoire and trying out new music forms. Today The Funkey have evolved into a six-member band who succeed to excite their audiences into dancing and partying with funk, disco, soul και r'n'b hits.

    Performances by Athos Danellis' Athenian Shadow-Theatre Company
    21 & 24-28 July
    At the Chora Primary School yard (21, 24-27/7) and Ano Meria Primary School (28/7)

    Performances start at 21:30

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