Folegandros Festivities 2005

July 16 - August 2


Saturday, July 16 , 20.00
Exhibition "Stories: The Municipal Archive of Folegandros, 1825 - 1970"

Τhe Municipal Archive of Folegandros comprises public documents, directives, letters, municipal registers, official decisions and newspapers. The exhibition presents documents covering an era from 1825 to 1970 approximately.

Τhe archive presentation is supported by narrations from the present day inhabitants, as well as interviews. Each historical fact is presented by the display of the document and the related narration in parallel. Thus, historical reality manifests itself next to the way it has been preserved in the memory of the people, with all the inaccuracies generated by the animation of oral tradition, and the distance of time.

Τhe Municipal Archive was discovered in July 2004 at the annex building of the Primary School of Chora, during the restoration works for the "Archipelago" exhibition that was hosted there the previous year. It remains essentially uninvestigated until the present day. This exhibition is an attempt to demonstrate a part of this archive, made available to the public for the first time.

The exhibition will remain open until August 20.

Tuesday, July 19, 21.00
Babis Tsertos : Greek rembetiko music
Babis Tsertos and his musicians will be hosted at the open space surrounding the small harbor of Folegandros, where they will a give a rembetico and folk music concert.

Musicians: Christos Konstantinou (bouzouki), Giannis Sariannidis (accordeon), Mihalis Danias (violin), Eleni Filippa (vocals, santouri), Nikos Kainourios (guitar), Giannis Tsertos (guitar), Sokratis Giannaris (percussion).

Thursday, July 21, 21.30
Theros music group
THEROS music group, combining natural and electronic instruments, carries the colours of tradition to the sounds of modern music. A few days following the release of their first CD album, THEROS meet their old and new friends for a concert in the alleys of Kastro in Chora, under the full moon.

Yannis Economou (traditional string instruments, percussion, vocals), Aristides Hadjistavrou (guitars, vocals), Solomon Barki (percussion, didjeridu, berimbau, vocals), Yorgos Makris (bag-pipe, caval, recorder, harmonica, vocals), Rania Liarmakopoulou (cello, flute, vocals), Lefteris Kiourktsoglou (percussion, vocals).

Saturday, July 23, 22.00
Greek Cinema Music

Primary school, Chora

Nikos Panagiotidis (guitar) and Georgia Theodoropoulou (voice) perform songs from the Greek Cinema.

Thursday, July 28, 21.00
Aegean Songs with Nikos Oikonomides

ikos Oikonomides (violin) and the Keros music group perform folk songs and music from the Aegean islands. Nikos Oikonomides' contribution in the Greek folk music legacy is of great importance. He records and collects Greek folk music played and sang by the last remaining traditional instrument players and singers all over the country.
Musicians: Nikos Oikonomides (violin), Costas Papaprokopiou (lute), Nikos Tsatsanis (bag pipe, percussion, vocals), George Ventouris (toubi), Kyriaki Spanou (vocals).

Sunday, July 30, 22.00
De Traces - beach party

DeTraces have been the biggest reggae band in Greece since 1987. This concert at Livadi will be a big beach-party, with their ska - reggae - funk sound. You can bring your own tent or simply stay until the dawn in order to catch the sunrise at 5.26'.
Musicians: Kostas Thomaides (keyboards), Wathik Abbas (vocals), Vaggelis Gerasis (keyboards), Alexandros Metaxas (bass), Isam Sharafeldin (guitar), Giannis Mitas (trumpet), Τassos Fotiou (saxophone).

Monday, August 2, 21.30
Greek Shadow Theater, by Athos Danellis

Athos Danellis is one of the most important shadow-theater players of the newer generation as well as a scholar. He will present a play entitled "The 82 Warrants" and shall be accompanied by a live music band.

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