Folegandros Festivities 2003

19 - 26 July

Supported by the Ministry of the Aegean

Saturday 19 July, 19:00
Exhibition of Photography.

The beautiful old building of the Primary School in Chora is hosting a three-fold exhibition:
The first part features photography by professionals Lefteris Miaoulis and Kiki Dovinou. Images of the people and their island capture a slice of life in Folegandros yet unnoticed by the summer visitors.
The schoolchildren of the island, having received photographic equipment donated to their school, and guided by the photographers, take snapshots of their everyday life at school, their parents at work, their friends, their games.
Finally, the three-fold is completed with rare photographic material gathered from the walls and drawers of the local houses. The exhibition will remain open throughout the summer.

Sunday 20 July, 21:00
Chamber Music Concert.

By the Opitz Quartet from Berlin and the Russian pianist Ulugbek Palvanov, in works by Brahms, Beethoven, Liszt and Tscaikowski. An open-air concert in the courtyard of the Folegandros Folk Art Museum. The beautiful courtyard (once a threshing-floor) is situated on a hill affording panoramic view of the whole island and the surrounding sea. The concert will start at around sunset.

Tuesday 22 July, evening
The island is cooking.

The evening is devoted to the local cuisine and produce. The tables at Hora will be laid for the visitors: restaurants will be offering exclusively traditional dishes; the best cooks of the island will be demonstrating the preparation of certain local dishes at stalls set up outside each restaurant and passers-by will be treated to kalasouna (local cheese pie), matsata (local pasta), carpouzenia, (watermelon dessert), souroto (white cheese), and other delicacies along with plenty of raki.
Thursday 24 July, 21:00
Songs in Kastro.

Greek-music night. The Kastro (fortress), the old part of Hora, is a medieval settlement perched on the edge of a sheer cliff soaring 150 m above the sea. It is full of passageways, alleys, arches, stone steps and balconies, which will serve as both the stage and the auditorium in this concert.

Nikos Panagiotidis (guitar, vocals) and Georgia Theodoropoulou (vocals) will be accompanied by musicians scattered around the balconies, split-level yards and passageways in songs from various kinds of Greek music. Raki and wine will be on the house!

Images: Lefteris Miaoulis - Kiki Dovinou
Saturday 26 July, evening
Traditional local feast.

Traditional religious festival (paniyiri) following the vesper. The chapel of Agios Panteleimonas is situated on a tranquil, isolated slope in the west of the island, a 20 minute-walk from Ano Meria, looking out on Milos, Kimolos and the West Aegean.

Nikos Grapsas (lute, vocals) Giannis Zevgolis, (violin) Irini Vythoulka (percussion) will be joined by local musicians and singers in this traditional celebration in the chapel courtyard.