The People

Short Curricula Vitae of Media dell' Arte members


ELEANNA VLACHOU, museologist - historian

She studied Economics and Politics (BA, University of Salonica), Economic History (Diplome: Centre International des Hautes Etudes Agronomiques Mediterraneennes, Montpellier / IAM D.E.A.: Paris I, Sorbonne / Doctorat: Paris I, Sorbonne,) and Museography (Musee del' Homme, Paris). She works as a curator and museographer in Greece.


Phoebe Dafnomili is a dance professional, focusing on creativity, research and education. She has studied Dance (BA(Hons) in Dance Education-Royal Academy of Dance), Finance (BSc in Finance-The American College of Greece,Deree), and has completed the Pilates course by Danceway studios. She was born in Athens, where she works as a dance teacher and pilates trainer.
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He was born in Athens in 1963. He studied classical guitar at the "Nikos Skalkotas" conservatory. He has worked with several guitar duos and choral groups. He is currently the General Director of and a guitar tutor at the "Classicon Odeon" conservatory in Athens. He is a founding member of Media dell' Arte and has undertaken the financial management of the group.
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LARA KALLIRI, philologist

She was born in Athens in 1970. She studied English Language and Literature (BA: School of Philosophy, Athens University), Mass Communication Research (MA: Centre for Mass Communication Research, Leicester University, U.K.) and Theatre Studies (MA: Dept. of Theatre Studies, Athens University). She is a founding member of Media dell' Arte, responsible for the creative and publishing productions of the group.
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DIMITRA KOUZI, Journalist-Communications M.A.

DIMITRA KOUZI, Journalist-Communications M.A. Born in 1971. She studied Communications at LMU University and the School of Cinema and Television in Munich. For 15 years, she has contributed to Greek and German magazines, including National Geographic Traveler, VOGUE, ELLE, OIKO, EY Zin. Since 2001, she has worked for ERT-Television (Hellenic National Broadcasting Corporation). In 2004, she co-presented for the German television channel ZDF the Athens Olympics 2004 opening ceremony. Since 2006, she has organised Media Training seminars for Media students, professionals and organisations, such as Doctors Without Borders (MSF), who wish to familiarise themselves with the Media, and Television in particular. Since 2007 she has been working for documentary production and selection for cine+, ERT Digital.
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MARGARITA NIKITAKI, graphic designer

She was born in Athens in 1978. She studied photography at the FOCUS School of Photography and Audiovisual Studies and Graphic Arts at the Graphic Arts Department of the Technology and Sciences Institute in Athens. She is currently working as a graphic arts designer in Athens. [email protected]


She studied History and Ethnology (BA: History and Archeology Dept., Athens University / D.E.A. d'Historie et Archeologie de Monde byzantin et post-byzantin, Universite de Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne / PhD: School of Philosophy, Byzantine Literature and Folklore Dept., Athens University). She is currently an Assistant Professor of Ethnology in the Hostory Dept. of the Ionian University, Corfu, Greece. Eudokia Olymbitou is an academic consultant of Media dell' Arte.
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He was born in Athens. He studied piano at the Athens Conservatory and continued his studies at the Royal academy of Music in London and the F. Liszt Academy in Budapest under scholarship by the "Alexander Onassis" Foundation. He is a founding member of Media dell' Arte.
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Born in Athens in 1982, she got her BA at the University of Athens with a major in Political Science & Public Administration and continued her studies in Social Anthropology at the Panteion University. Her scientific interests are oriented in forms of alternative communalism and eco-communities,  in Greece and abroad.
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DESPINA SPYROU, photographer

She was born in Athens in 1979. She studied photography at the FOCUS School of Photography and Audiovisual Studies in Athens. She has participated in several group and personal photography exhibitions in Greece, Slovakia and the Canary Islands. She lives and works in Athens as a photographer.


Born in Gera, Thuringia, Germany. She got her Degree in Social Pedagogic at the University of Cooperative Education, Berufsakademie Thuringen and the Certificate for Trauma Counselling and Trauma Pedagogic (Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendschutz Thueringen e. V. and (Zentrum fur Psychotraumatologie und Traumatherapie Niedersachsen) She has been working with many NGOs as social pedagogue and project manager. Today she is working at the Elix - Conservation Volunteers Greece NGO as a volunteer manager.
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